Friday, June 26, 2015

PlaN vs PlaY - Chess vs Love.

How does it feel to win a battle of wits ..? Hmmmm .....  Sometimes attack Is the best form of defense ...  Sometimes patience is the key .. Sometimes nothing works ...
Love has great similarities with chess .. Lets pen down when a girl loves a guy - when  he's smart , when he's capable , it's when he takes right  decisions at right times ..and it's all about winning time and again .. He must be wise to say that he loves her when she does , he must be strong enough to save her when she's in trouble , he must be patient enough to bare her madness , he must be romantic enough to satisfy her wishes , he must be sweet enough to convince the world ...List is never ending ... Possibilities are seamless as guys credibility becomes meaningless ..

Plan and play just differ by n and y. if you play in love, they shall have another plan , if you plan in love, they shall play. it’s just another paradox in life after all N is symbolic to no and y is symbolic to yes. There are cries for women empowerment, equal rights, deeper definitions of feminism. I feel sad as a un-educated women never gets to understand them, and an educated one exploits them. 

 A Smart guy plan(y)s the love game and chess with same intensity .. An aggressive one intensifies the velocity to see the adversity. Patient guy suffers but achieves prosperity...
Hmmm .... Let's pen down what a game of chess needs .... It's about resources and powers ... King is  supposed to be the potential match decider.. But it's the queen who has powers of moralizing or demoralizing a kingdom ...king is surrounded by the army and is loner as he looses every single power in front  of him with time ... In guys case; interests, freedom gradually friends and family. 

Girls are smart, all they ask is for time and importance on first date, same again on second and then keep doubling every passing day. Even in chess, if you want to place a wheat grain on top of first, 2 on second and keep doubling until the last square , one ends up putting 2 power 64 wheat grain i.e. 18,446,744 trillion wheat grains. Dumb guy places grains and in the process, stars a bond called living together. Eventually, a guy who was a master in chess , who succeeded in love suddenly fails in every aspect of his life. Generally, king is the one who possess all the skills spiritually, physically and mentally however he is confined just to 4 moves. Queen has the liberty to save or destroy his kingdom with her special moves but at the expense of pawns and powers. In order to protect the queen, king sacrifices all his other powers. End of the day he wins in life if he sacrifices, but at the expense of his empire. That's when battle ends. That's when he wins , Of course loses too... 

Like in chess, moment you loose your horses and elephants you loose significant part of your kingdom just as  a guys life. This is when the queen goes on an attack leaving king on defense ... Life is such a funny thing  .. Hmmmm ..! 

Every Bollywood/ Tollywood film hides the queens attacks(Post love/marriage) and shows the defense(happy endings). Sadly, people are not interested to watch their own lives/problems/fights on big screen giving the writers directors no other choice than stereo type happy endings. 

PS: A happy person is an expressive person who expresses his feelings. Chess player thinks 10 steps ahead before moving one, unfortunately society lacks chess players so they instantly draw conclusions and start gossips. Truth is that plan(y)-ing in chess/ life is an unavoidable choice once we are in battlefield. King is a loser who plays to win, after all his wits are controlled by the queen. He can win only with the sacrifice of a kingdom.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bifurcated State-A traumatic Instate.........!

Be United By Being Divided......

Life is full of paradoxes. The most recent being a malignant one..It's infused in the psyches of millions . "Be united by being divided." I stand for unity but I support bifurcation. Facing the adversity , breaking the diversity, I'm not being a revolutionist , nor being a politician neither a beneficiary of this melodrama.
Truly, Sensationalism has become the trend in Journalism.. Hmmm..The T -issue created B.P. all across A.P. Nothing changed over the years ,its the same agitations and same complications. It pricked the hearts, A declaration has created outrageous eruptions.  

 There are many speculations about the escalation of the Revolutionists, Maoists. There has been anticipation about the inflation.. There has been estimation about the flamboyant politicians degrading the progress in the bifurcated states. Many more to the matter of that fact. There is a conversation about every single stupid irrelevant lie.

Ground reality  .......
Its when people are suppressed , rather repressed .. Its when slavery gets impacted by mockery ridiculed by so called native Telugu accent, shrewd entrepreneurship , uncharacteristic domination , cheap internal politics, bigger mouths and even worse caste system leading to an agitation...
 Irrespective of nation , irrespective of language ; There arises  a thought for revolution ;
Catching a gun becomes a sheer articulation resulting in a common resolution....
Its When Nature becomes the shelter , revolution becomes an ambition . Resonating souls burn with fire ; a fire which turns fears in politicians and induces ray of hope in affected common man .
So , who should be blamed for the false speculation of increase in Maoists. Well,life is all about contradictons supported by illustraions.Yes ! Jharkand & Chattisghar had deteriorated in economy .. Yes ! They had an increase in revolutionists. But  Importantly , Jharkhand never had a Hyderabad to boast about. 60 Billion $ revenue generating city can never throw a state into any sought of problems neither should a 5 trillion Indian treasure make a newly constructed state poorer by any chance even if only consume 60% of the money is utilized in right channel......
Interestingly, I read in few other blogs asking what would be thought to the students if states are bifurcated. I was in awe for few seconds , pen is powerful than a gun. If an intellectual brain whose writings are read by thousands is misleading how would society live in reality. OM is the source of the complete universe ; Sanskrit is the mother of all languages.. Dravidian script is the base for southern language classification... Understandably origination takes prominance then Why would one discriminate or tease or try to correct others slang ....!!! They pose a question on what our future generations will learn? 
Answer is clear , ethics and attitude. Unfortunately, critics have no knowledge on the rich traditional values, cultural heritage, geographical prominance , abundant resources this region has....
Traverse back in time, Speak about scriptures; Mahabarath claims that the exile of Pandavas was at lakha Gruham,Orugallu which was once Telinga(Telangana's capital). Kohinoor diamond was Kakatiyas wealth which was only found in Mahaboobnagar and later conquered by Mughals and Britishers. Coins were minted 2500 years ago by Sathavahanas. Speak about the cultural heritage, tribal resources or the Rulers like Rudrama Devi , sathavahanas , Mauryas . History beckons. Nizam ensured that during Indian independence(worst inflated indian economy), Telangana had surplus welath . It has unmatched infrastructure since ages. The hyderabad city was the most developed with highest per capita income and the best infrastructure.   

In contemporary days, it’s a complete political game. To keep a check on Nizam, Nehru had gentleman agreement irrespective of Consultation with Telangana people; Agitation intensified with Mulki rule; G.O. issued in 1886 by Mr. NTR regarding the distribution of jobs is still pending. How can you expect literacy among people without having money for survival though the region generates close to half of the revenue. When rivers flowing through A.P. have there origination at Mahaboobnagar, to everyone’s surprise, It is one of the worst drought effected regions. Why are the only Govt universities in Telangana region built by Nawabs, Where has the revenue disappeared? Why is Nagarjun sagar pushed so far ahead to destroy the natural resources to benefit other regions? Speak of Justice, It disappears. Common man commits suicide, with ray of hope imagining of Telangana and its surplus resources. Selfless thinking lead to sacrifices for the Political drama.

I don’t want to speak statistics, I want to speak sense. Claims of Andhra people developing Hyderabad is as useless as they developing Texas/NJ/California which eventually has bigger Telugu population that many cities, corporations in AP. We are just stupid common people who migrated to resourceful places to get some money. Hyderabad or Telangana isn't developed by Andhra people by any means, enterpenures are from all parts of the world. It's a strange stupid argument if that they have developed the place. They have benifited from the investments. They should show minumum courtesy and basic morales.
In fact the progress made in Chennai in last 50 odd years after Telugu people moved out is unmatched with the progress made in Hyderabad keeping in mind that Chennai wasn’t as developed as Hyderabad was during independence neither had as many resources as Hyderabad had. Leaving emotions aside, If we are kicked out of US though we have a VISA immigration stamped for verifications, we have nothing to do other playing the blame game. Nor if Karnataka doesn’t allocate resources to A.P. will we be stubborn? Then what sense does it make for a agitation when it comes to Telangana issue?

I stand for better administration with increased competition in political parties to introduce schemes with at least 40-50% reaching the people after bifurcation than being united and getting ruined completely. Its always great to see a Chennai or a Mumbai in Vizag or other port cities; It would be a dream come true to see a second Hyderabad or Banglore in Vijayawada or Ongole. If united, Surely Hyderabad would be the best city in the world, but the cost of living would exceed the cost of living in places like NY, California and eventually people move out. Before the saturation is attained, It helps the cause of every Indian to have another financial hub, and it would be great to have another Telugu speaking financial city. The real talent can be exposed to larger audience with the new and transformed Tollywood industries. There would be a transformation in the society; caste domination will reduce drastically. Reddy’s Political dominance ends, Chowdarys Filmy prominence reduces, Cricketing world can see Non yadav telugu team, Stocks world will breathe easy with distributed Raju’s unrealistic stocks, Naidus belt shops will have a check, so will other castes. More importantly a common man can breathe easy. Agitation stops to start the development.

Well, In every paradox there is sympathy/inclination towards one half. Unfortunately, In mine "be united by being divided" sympathy is dominated by emotions and senseless arguments raised by politicians. It's more of a instate in trauma created by political drama about the bifurcated state than the historical prominance and sentiment. Devleopment starts only when aggitation stops. So, whether bifurcated or united; I want progress than regional repress. Whether or not Congress, aim should be towards Progress. Smaller the better. May it be Telugu or Telanga , its about retaining the cultural heritage and respecting others culture. It's all in the psyche of people be it be literate or illiterate.Think before you sink emotionally.

PS: A single paradox leads to innumerous contradiction. This blog post becomes a Indian parlimentary disccusion board. Before typing emotionally think about the basic fact that in the past 25 years we were all together with out knowing the difference. The moment differences started , common men like me and you started fighting. So , I say better being united by being divided. Due to agitations ; before the loss of  resources become other states gain; let's wake up ,live in reality and strive for development.