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Monday, January 16, 2017

"Split-second of a lifetime" is a "lifetime in that split-second"

Under the blooming light blue sky and crisp air, I geared up to ride a motorcycle.
Engine sound energized my lazy muscles, cold breeze struck my face with alternating scents of rose and sand.
Momentum propelled me further with nerve racking speeds.
Nature was at it's very best, mesmerizing me with it's exquisite beauty.
Moment was as perfect as A R Rahman's music composition; as beautiful as Goutham Menon's direction.
In no time, the breeze became wild, dead leaves raised from ground.
Perplexed and bewildered, I looked around to see the darkness creep up thick and fast.
Suddenly everything became gloomy.
The next second I see a truck charging into me.
With a gush of feelings, in the rush for the breath,
Life's memories flash in a split second just before my last breath...
Screaming for life, body full of sweat, I wake up to see that time hasn't frozen on me yet!

Striving for nonchalance, I tried to calm myself. Amidst a worried face, forced by a scary dream, a smile arose.
For a second, dream suddenly seemed beautiful. Because I saw all my life's memories in a heart beat.
For the first time both my mind and heart accepted that I need to create more memories.
Smile just extended when another thought struck my mind, that this memory would be a part of that split second too!
While heart was feeling a beautiful musical composition, mind was at its usual best to analyze the moment.

PS: Smile turned into a serene countenance, after a dreadful dream enlightened me that life is as short as a split second.
Split-second of a lifetime can show lifetime in that split-second.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Path to Clear Mind - Mystical Play

I love to play. My play involves changing the fundamental assumptions created by intellects for convenience. I changed North to South,  East to West after all we are on a revolving planet in an infinitely expandable universe with unknown forces. Suddenly I realize, what's north today is going to be south someday on this revolving planet. 

Then I realized that the line between sanity and insanity is ridiculously thin. However, sanity can only be attained after insanity. I questioned the question, I questioned the answer, in the process I questioned myself and everything around and inside me. Play began with few thoughts. Thoughts which made me realize what we hear /see /speak /sense are all reflections inside us. What I hear when others speak suddenly turned into a resonating frequency which I could transform while it is traveling from ear to brain, I hijacked it and changed the frequencies. I inverted my optical reflections and re-sized them, turned a pungent smell into fragrance, manipulated numbness to sense of touch. All of a sudden, life got new dimensions. Past life was profoundly simple, nonchalance has a new definition. Souls quest for inner solace found a new adrenaline in ecstasy. Quest for completeness has a new channelized direction and vision. Suddenly,  a play turned out to be a mystical play. But mind is a monkey which can't be controlled or at-least channelized unless you are white bearded mystic/yogi. So, my thoughts then shifted to bigger picture in humanity. Results of clear mind were overwhelmingly surprising.

       I never understood why people associate happiness to smiles, alcohol, drugs, pubs, children, travel or may be something measurable/tangible. The true happiness is always in something called state of mind. People always wanted to impair there senses/soul, divert mind through external sources. External unpleasantness is just an expression of the internal unpleasantness. Many intellects have always termed body as a temple. When we culminate human system with excessive addictions, divine belief, drugs/alcohol or any similar act, holiness is lost. Hence the state of mind. Just like in temple, where few actions are prohibited, having discipline in you for you is most essential to sustain a persistent state of mind. This realization just came into light due to mystical play. 

PS: I'm neither religious, nor a person who believes in science. I don't know much about yoga or meditation. To that matter of fact, I'm a stupid common man with a self belief to perform my day-to-day tasks. Yet, I've had a sniff at clear mind with simple stupid experiments. I made sure I've stopped reacting to what I hear, sense, touch or see. I tried channelizing them into more pleasant stuff which my brain terms as happiness. Unfortunately, I'm still a human who still can't control my mind. So, I still question, indulge in a never ending quest. After all, too much of anything would be too bad. So, I'm satisfied with patches of happiness by eradicating external unpleasantness in me. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Sense Of Achievement -Happiness

Equations decide lives, may it be stocks or algorithms. In the era where artificial intelligence dominates the conventional wisdom,  convenience is void of any consequence. Fortunately, there are very few things that can't be measured with formulas and equations. Happiness is one such rare thing. However, sense of achievement is what triggers happiness which has a formula. The formula is ridiculously simple - "clear mind and immense hard-work".

In the age where you get recommendations based on what you click or type, and get calls from Customer Service Representatives with incentives based on your mindset and interests, I still wonder why previous generations are more happier. Quests gets better when it's a part of treasure hunt and the treasure is invaluable. This time the treasure being the most valuable key element which triggers happiness.

A theist would say that there are answers for every question you search in Bhagawad Gita/Bible/Quran. But an atheist like me chooses to decipher happy incidents in life to get a bigger picture.

Childhood is the most happy phase for most of us for this simple fact. You have a pure mind, crawling and trying to reach your mom. Kids hard-work in tiny little steps brings vibrancy.

There is delicacy, subtle beauty in the way a teenage guy tries to impress a girl. He has a clear mind with proper vision, probably only ambition at that time. It's poetic, romantic, sometimes frenetic, but ever enthusiastic in the way he achieves his girl. The feeling at the moment when he wins the love of a girl is best described as "Sense of achievement". Like all the good things in life, Sense of achievement has a short life span. 

Quest starts again once he turns into a mid-aged man. Aspirations, motivations, excitement, dedications are small words to describe how he chases his dream. With struggle, that sense of achievement is incomparable. He admires the degree he achieves or the car that he buys or the dreams he chases. Achievements are few in number until he has a kid of his own. Happiness is communicable and has ripple effect. He then tries to emulate his kids happiness. At fag end of life, his retirement gives him time and patience to recollect all the memories and achievements which he shares with pride.  

PS: If I were a theist, I can compose an epic on what sense of achievement God got, when he created a human being or every time he destroyed a evil. If I were a scientist, I can understand why Archimedes ran screaming "eureka" after his inventions. But, I'm a common man who searches for the sense of achievement in small little things I do every single day. When I achieve that,  I will have a happy smile, sleep and dreams.