Thursday, September 17, 2015


Everyone has a theory, but only the ones with proof will be followed. One can sleep peacefully only when they believe in themselves and back their own theories.It's an irony that more than 90% of humanity misuse the terms - 'smartness', 'hard-work', 'IQ', 'talent' and a combination of those. This ridiculous misuse makes so called smart people live in a world of illusions making them lazy asses who fail in career's and life. On other hand, there is no one in the history who went down with hard work and not having so called talent/IQ/smartness. So, I claim hard-work is the only factor and all other word like smartness , talent, iq are useless unless backed by hard-work. 

India's obsession with this so called smartness has really let the nation down. Apparently, Rohit Sharma is the most talented batsman to be ever produced with oozing game IQ and technique in recent past. But , in reality he is a big failure due to his laziness. On other hand Virat Kohli, Rahul Dravid who are extremely hardworking are always respected as they pile up runs every-time they are at crease. If cricket is religion, Sachin Tendulkar is a god . Not-so-surprisingly he was the first person into net sessions and last one to leave. It's obvious that it takes tremendous effort to make a titanium/steel knife/ sword , but it's precision reduces and gets blunt after certain use. It needs persistent effort to be maintained for the same sharpness.  

If only Einstein sat idle assuming he is smart, world would have been different. Apparently all the prodigies and illustrious people used a maximum of 10% of brain and slept very less working really hard physically and mentally until they reached their goals. Smartness, talent are words like Doctorate or Sir if hard-work were the base. Even in Chess, which is considered as the sport for only smart people; Grand masters  title is only awarded to world class performers who worked hard in knowing each move in 8*8 i.e.64 boxes (max. moves 13*64). I don't understand the obsession of people to be called 'smart' after-all when the game which requires a person to think 10-15 steps ahead requires immense hard-work. 

"Innovations and dreams won't become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work." Quotes become famous for one reason, they are hard to implement but soothing to listen. Parents are the main culprits in turning their children into arrogant impractical adamant stupids by publicizing everyone that their child is 'smart' in front of them. Poor creatures never understand that so called 90%s are achieved by understanding the complete text books/all-in-ones/FAQs or putting maximum concentration and persistent practice, most importantly immense hard-work.  If you achieve everything with 90% , you are goal-less. Hard work vanishes,attitude remains, ignorance increases.  

PS:  Words  like smartness , talent, IQ are useless unless backed by hard-work. Innovations and dreams won't become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work. India has a unrivaled 65% youth under 25 with at-least a bachelors or equivalent degree , but it still finds at 7th rank in  GDP and is not in a position to become a superpower anytime soon. So, what is happening to the so called smart students with 90 plus percentages? Is it really smartness or smartness vanishes when hard-work and dedication is dominated by laziness. Or the most obsessed word smartness is actually falsified impressions imprinted by parents and society ? How is that no one points parents mistake in spoiling their kids by calling them smart and making them lazy asses?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sad Reality behind Indian "Settlement"

Some words bother you. They make you think time and again..! "Settlement" is one among them... Analysis over the Tea break discussions certainly disturbs you ..It's an Irony that East and West are separated just by a alphabet E and W but they are to the opposite corners in list of alphabets.  When I brought up the term "settlement " , few of my american friends asked me if I was involved in a law suit or a financial dispute. All I could do is smile and explain the sad reality behind every successful Indian & the Indian way of seeing it. We Indians are bourgeois even if we are smart and financially strong enough to afford a million dollar house.. Irrespective of age group, people in Indian society emphasize , magnify , judge a person/ family by the word settlement irrespective of their capabilities. 

A gentle breeze can destroy a tower formed by a pack of cards ; an ice burg can flip a gigantic titanic. Just like how an Indian society demoralizes a 'So-called-unsettled-guy/girl'. All the hard-work you put in and job satisfaction you have till date regarding your job suddenly vanishes if the you are around the Indian society. The buzz is more irritating than a bee around your ear. But, unfortunately you are part of that society and it's backbone. It's a moment of happy sadness or a sad happiness when I could explain a standard Indian life in the span of having a coffee. 

Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, Indian life is all staged. Schooling is a incubated phase where IIT foundations or 12+ entrances are the only focus. A guy who isn't averaging 90% is eventually not so smart and  the mantra for this phase is  "If you don't study hard now, you won't be settled in future". Indians always tend to recollect a family or a friends at-least once a day as they either compare you to a brilliant cousin of yours or a not-so-financially/career wise strong yet happy/unhappy family/friend in their lives. 

You enter a feeding stage like a caterpillar during undergrad, nevertheless you are tied and hanging either to Engineering or Medicine. Supposedly all other streams are for unsettled people. In 4 years of undergrad, you have a vision to outer world but you are still hanging to the tree called society. By Influence or force , when a child is about to get graduated he is given a option of Going abroad for Masters in his stream or pursuing MBA at IIMs or worst case a software job in MNC and still his personal choices are ignored for the simple fact that settlement is all about getting a job or a degree which subsequently fetches him one. Like many other ironies in life, he's still not settled when he's had a decent job for couple of years. 

Yet another couple of years pass by as he graduates from Masters/Dr. Suddenly settlement has a new definition in  Marriage. He who isn't getting married by 30 is either in relationship with a girl of other caste or not "settled".  Poor chap compromises on his dream , interests and unfortunately even the girl he wants. Willingly, Unwillingly a guy gets married, he is then scanned for the car he drives and the place he lives in. Settlement is a chameleon which changes it's color after marriage which states "Buy a house, car and have huge bank balance". After a real hard struggle finding a property or a car, if he buys one and has a life long commitment for at least 30 years. He's still not settled as they don't have kids.Harsh reality is if people are married for more than 5 years and they don't have kids either the girl or guy has a serious issue.(Generally poor girls the victim).

 Once the kids start growing and relatives start visiting him; his settlement suddenly vanishes as the house or car he has isn't big enough to accommodate everyone. So called settled guy suddenly needs to attain resettlement by buying bigger ones for which he either needs to prosper in his job or quit everything and get into business to become a next millionaire/billionaire.  It's an unfortunate circle of life that , he who was interested in other field and couldn't pursue because his dad wanted him to become engineer (as his father couldn't become one) will be forcing his kid into other stream. Tradition continues. He pushes his son into vicious circle of life.

 PS:  During fag end of life completing these cycle is when a guy gets wisdom . That is when he realizes that he has constructed a fragile tower out of cards in a stormy end of the world, Storms being the society. He scarifies all his life constructing and ensuring that the cards won't collapse. Wise man still can't roll back or leave them. Unfortunately, Indian scripted life's are the most successful ones financially , relationship wise, perpetuation wise. No wonder India is only next to china in population, but volatile in economy due to these selfish vicious cycles and society.  A person who follows this cycle is a settled one. A rebel would be a topic of discussion for whatever reason it is..